Praxis On Fifth

A warm and vibrant psychology group practice located in the heart of NYC. Our clinicians offer a wide range of specializations and care for individuals, families and children.

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Dr. Tamar Efrat
Dr. Tamar EfratLicensed Psychoanalyst
As a licensed psychoanalyst and immigrant from Europe, I get what it means to bridge various worlds. I give my clients the space to explore and integrate their diverse cultural, ethnic, religious and gender identities.
Dr. Patrick Roebke
Dr. Patrick RoebkeClinical Psychologist
I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in treatments for substance use disorders and other addictions, chronic mood and anxiety disorders, intimacy and attachment difficulties, social insecurities, and life adjustments.
Patricia Crevits, MFA, LP
Patricia Crevits, MFA, LPPsychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
No matter where you are in your life, come and talk, and I will listen. I am adept at creating a safe environment for self-reflection.
You can reach my directly at or call (929)238-8087 to set up a free consultation.
Dr. Emma Lieber
Dr. Emma LieberPhD, LP
I see a wide range of clients: children in play therapy and adolescents and adults in both therapy and psychoanalysis.
Dr. Vanessa M. Wagner
Dr. Vanessa M. WagnerClinical Psychologist
I am a spiritually minded Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Working with young professionals and adults is the focus of my practice at this time.
Dr. Petra Vospernik
Dr. Petra VospernikClinical Psychologist
I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Vienna Praxis, a vibrant group practice with locations in the West Village and on the Upper West Side. My treatment focus is on professionals and couples.
Dr. Basha Silver
Dr. Basha SilverClinical Psychologist
I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in women’s mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, and emerging adulthood. My approach to therapy is warm, focused and interactive.
Dr. Kahlila Robinson
Dr. Kahlila RobinsonClinical Psychologist
Dr. Robinson is a City University of New York trained licensed clinical psychologist with advanced training in attachment-focused therapy modalities for children, families, and adults.
Dr. Trisha Balbert
Dr. Trisha BalbertClinical Psychologist
I take the perspective that in addition to our conscious mind, we also have an unconscious mind, which holds on to a lot of the thoughts and feelings we otherwise defend against. Primarily, I see adults in individual psychotherapy once or twice a week.
Dr. Jennifer Mesrie
Dr. Jennifer MesrieBoard-Certified Psychiatrist
I am a board-certified psychiatrist providing medication management as well as psychotherapy both in person and online via telehealth.
Andrew Colitz
Andrew ColitzPhD, Clinical Psychologist
As a clinical psychologist, I hope to establish a cooperative and safe environment to work with individuals, couples, and families – one which offers reassurance to those courageous enough to seek therapy and are likely feeling overwhelmed by the process.
Inna Dukach, MA, LMHC
Inna Dukach, MA, LMHCPsychotherapist
I specialize in working with performing artists, academics, immigrants, people working through life transitions and navigating nontraditional relationships. My practice is LGBTQ+ embracing, Poly/CNM affirming and Sex Positive. My background as an immigrant and as a professional opera singer informs my practice.
Birch Cooper
Birch CooperLMHC
Believing that the relationship between client and therapist is key, Birch has an authentic therapeutic style that is non-judgmental, supportive, and empathetic. In addition, he provides a space that is safe and comfortable creating the ideal conditions for personal growth.